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It was realised restoring and transforming the farm of an ancient Monastery. Surrounded by oak woods, the hotel is isolated in a valley in the middle of the Park at an altitude of 1.000 meters. There are swimming pool and SPA. Is possible to book also massages. It is still a working farm with production of local cheeses and vegetables. Absolute silence, wonderful vista, very warm and kind staff and very good food are the primary elements of this very good structure. The “Fresh macaroni with Pork ragout” is for sure the dish that became famous between our riders. Our horses are hosted in a wide corral in front of hotel for the night.
This hotel with the aspect of a big alpine chalet is situated at 1.300 meters of altitude. It has an astonishing position on a hill overlooking the entire Pomieri valley and Pizzo Canna Mount. From the windows of the restaurant and most of the rooms the view is absolutely unique. It is the only building in all the surrounding area excluding few very ancient and small shepherds’ huts. The service is very good thanks the professionalism of Giacomo, the “historical” waiter, and Ignazio, always present owner and Director.  In these place the specialities to remember are many, some are the “Wrong Pasta”, the “Tagliatelle with the tastes of the Park”, both for vegetable lovers, and the “Carduna tempura” (to discover what are “carduna” you must came to try them). On the walls there are many photos of the Madonie. Some were shot by Franco at the beginning of his career to illustrate a book on the Madonie Park. Horses are hosted in a wide pasture around the hotel.
It is a small, warm, wooden and stone alpine chalet at 1.400 meters of altitude. The dining room and sitting room are furnished with fantastic fire places always on (excluding July and august). The rooms are simple, not so big but comfortable and with very new bathrooms. To stay in this place give a special feeling also for the so wonderful human hospitality of Rosario, Angelo and Francesco, the owners. The food is really good, with a quality may be unexpected in a so tiny and isolated place on top of a mountain. The menu we choose with Angelo, that teach cooking in a professional chef school (that’s why here the quality of food is so high),it is really top with a dish of “Antipasti” homemade really unique and so well presented, followed by a pasta dish with a very special sauce that is a fantastic idea of Angelo. The meat dish is an “old time favourite” by everybody in Italy: the classic “veal cutlet with homemade potato fries”, the favourite by Franco. Also dessert is special: a “semifreddo” with almonds and hot chocolate on it! Our horses are hosted in the stables of “Zù” Antonio (“Uncle” Antony that work in the refuge) just on the side of chalet.
It is situated on Piano Battaglia (the Plain of the Battle) at 1.600 meters of altitude. It was totally restored in 2012 and offers all furniture brand new in their wide spaces. The position is splendid to explore the Carbonara Mountain and the coffee at the bar is really super. Matteo is the host. Our horses stay in the wood in front of the Refuge inside an electric fence that we put on.
Close to the medieval village of Collesano, Casale Drinzi has a fantastic restaurant and Pizza house. Antonio, the chef, make an enormous variety of dishes depending the seasons and his daily fantasy. From his "high-tech rotating wood oven” comes out really good pizzas. The service is really at the top with the team of waiters guided by Gianluca, owner with Antonio of the place. Superb also the breakfast buffet in the morning. Here the dishes to be remembered are really a lot. Some classic are the “Pasta with Macco di favette” ( fresh pasta with young broad beans), the cheeses of Madonie with homemade different marmalades, the tagliatelle with asparagus and artichokes , the pappardelle with porcini wild mushrooms (Boletus edulis, the best mushroom on heart) , the “rabbit hunter’s style”. The rooms are simple but comfortable and warm. Our horses are hosted in the big arena inside the property.
This lovely country house is situated not far from the wonderful “Art village” of Gangi, really rich on “thing to be seen”. Aldo, the owner, and his wife did a terrific job restoring totally an ancient country home of a noble family that was in disarray. The rooms are wide with top beds; bathrooms are large with the best showers on the market. There is a wide swimming pool and the terrace hosts the breakfast and dinners in summer offering an enchanting view of the typical Sicilian countryside planted all over  with hey, oats  and wheat.
The dinner is superb, with an enormous variety of dishes: from 8 to 10 different entries-sometimes more-, 2 pastas, 2 meats and sometimes even 2 desserts! Aldo adore stupefying his customers and so every time there is something new.  In no other place you can eat the wonderful “Grandmothers’ little meat balls”, a secret recipe of the Grandmother of Aldo or the “liver Aldo way” or a so exquisite “sour and sweet rabbit” or the best “sweet and sour baby onions” on earth or the “ravioli with pumpkin inside” or the vegetables tempura. Every time we go to Villa Rainò we have also the pleasure to meet again Aldo and his wife, people that does their job with real passion and dedication.
Situated not far from Capizzi, it is one of the two new entries into the TranSiciliana trip. After dark times, it is now directly managed by the new owner and the structure now offers a very good level of services. The structure was restored and enriched, the stables are totally renovated.  There is a swimming pool, nice and wide rooms and a very good chef that makes also very good pizzas. The pasta used is always homemade and the entries are also here in “big numbers”.  The horses are hosted in the paddocks of the riding centre.
In the heart of the Nebrodi, this stone and wood structure is an oasis of comfort “in the middle of nowhere”.  On the walls there are many photos of the Nebrodi. Some were shot by Franco at the beginning of his career to illustrate a book on the NEBRODI Park; some were shot even from helicopter. On the stair there are 2 pictures of “young Franco” about a wild cat catching a rabbit. In one dining room there are on the walls many painted sides of traditional Sicilian wagons. Interesting the presence of a big Parrot that speaks and say “Ciao” and other words. Also here the food is very good. There is always a main course with the meat of the “Little black pig of Nebrodi”. Wonderful the mix grilled meat with pig, ram and lamb. The Hotel has stables and paddocks but we prefer to leave the horses higher in the woods to not lose time to reach the hotel. We build a corral with electric fence around a water pool closer to the head trail and Paolo sleep with the horses in a tent.
It is our second new entry in our TranSiciliana to ETNA trip. Very few hotels have a so incredible view on Etna. It is situated in front of an open plain close to the village of Maletto that gives an astonishing view on all the north side of the volcano. It is a very new structure with really wide rooms, comfortable beds and nice furniture.  Our horses are hosted in the garden of hotel with a corral made by us with electric fences.
It is a comfortable mountain chalet of wood and stone at 1.400 meters of altitude into the Ragabo pine forest. The owner xxxx is a pioneer of tourism on Etna and now the two daughters help him to manage the structure with their mother. The rooms are comfortable and the dining room is very warm and nice. In their menu the “Pasta Ragabo” with fresh macaroni, mushrooms and lean pig meat is a “roar”. Our horses are hosted in a paddock realized in the pine forest on the side of chalet.
It is a very cosy and nice B&B in the middle of a farm planted with peers and apples. Rooms are wide and very comfortable. There is a swimming pool and a wide sitting room. At breakfast are served marmalades home made with the fruits of the farm. Giovanni and his wife are fantastic hosts. Hour horses are horses are hosted for the few hours before the transfer by truck in a donkey breeding farm close by.


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