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15-02 (25)

Neve e Sole in pieno Iinverno.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I nostri viaggi in Febbraio e Marzo Our MADONIE TRIPS scheduled in February and March or done in another date if you wish, can give you an incredible winter ride. In Sicily the winter is very mild and sunny. May be will happen  to have one or two days of bud weather with snow above the 1200 / 1400 meters and then comes back the sun with a temperature of 5 to 10 degrees and then the snow will rest for many days. So is possible to go up to the snow at pleasure avoiding raining going up to snowing and then have sunny days with a blanket of snow on the ground.

The itinerary is the same of a normal Madonie trips but it will change depending snow /weather conditions. We use often the Crispi Alpine Refuge for his strategic position at 1400 meters or Pomieri Hotel at 1600 starting from our Ranch at 500 meters and then trying to. Sometimes the snow is too high along one trail so we go in search of different ways to go up. There is so a sort of exploration and a bit of adventure in it but always in full safety. Every evening we study by TV and internet the weather forecast to decide what to do the next day according the will of adventure of our riders.
Last year we had two German riders Susanne Nolte and Verena Kenngott that at end of the trip told us that that our snowy trip "was their best holiday on horses of their life".
It is not possible to do the TranSiciliana trip because in Nebrodi Mountains the snow is too high and impassable but the Madonie allow enough a really amazing snowy trip.

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